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Active Shooter Training

Proven Investigations has partnered with CounterThreat Consulting to provide active shooter training to businesses and individuals. We offer a 47-minute online video presentation or a 4-hour, hands-on classroom training session with live, practical scenarios.

Bomb Threat Management

Proven Investigations has partnered with CounterThreat Consulting to provide call-takers, risk management, security and key personnel with the training necessary to prepare for and manage bomb threats and explosives related incidents.

Family Investigations

Family cases are sensitive and each case is unique. Whether its infidelity, child custody or modifying alimony, we have the experience to find out what is going on behind your back, and the professionalism to be discreet.

Civil Investigations

Proven Investigations is geared to provide a quick and economical response to your investigative needs. Our investigators have spent years as lead investigators and supervisors of many high profile cases, have conducted thousands of interviews, are experienced in collecting and evaluating evidence and processing crime scenes, performing background investigations, testifying in court, and preparing detailed documentation for courtroom proceedings.

Criminal Investigations

Our criminal investigations specialists utilize their past experience in reviewing documents, gathering evidence, documenting scenes, and locating and interviewing prospective witnesses. Our vast investigative experience and knowledge is invaluable in assisting our clients. We can obtain crucial information in a fast and efficient manner allowing the defense attorney to focus on defending their clients.

Maritime Investigations

For over 25 years our investigators have been assisting cruise lines, cargo carriers, yacht owners, marina and terminal operators, and their insurers and attorneys. We work with the P&I clubs and other marine insurers, with an emphasis on injury and wrongful death suits by passengers, crew, and longshoremen, and cargo theft cases.


Surveillance is conducted by discreet, ethical, seasoned investigators. A detailed investigative report featuring video prints and related research data is prepared for each surveillance assignment and provided to our client. Our surveillance services can be modified to fit the individual client’s budget and specifications.

Corporate Investigations

We help businesses and their counsel resolve all types of commercial disputes and have protected the owners of some of the worlds most recognized trademarks. Our services include conducting surveillance, interviewing witnesses, securing documents, conducting research, and performing background screening.

Background Investigations

Offering a full range of background investigations, we assist insurance companies, law firms, employers, private citizens, adoptive parents, and others with researching the backgrounds of individuals to assist in optimizing decision making and mitigating risks. A few dollars spent now can save thousands of dollars and heartache later.


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