Make Sure They Are Who They Say They Are

Make Sure They Are Who They Say They Are

Background investigations from PI's with offices in Pensacola Beach and Fort Lauderdale, FL

You thought you hired the perfect employee, until they started stealing from the cash register. You were sure your girlfriend was the woman of your dreams, until you found out she has a serious felony conviction on her record. You could’ve avoided making the wrong call with a background check from Proven Investigations.

We’ve been the company of choice in the area for thorough and comprehensive investigative services for 20 years. Our PI’s in Pensacola Beach and Fort Lauderdale have worked with all kinds of individuals and entities, from adoptive parents to insurance companies.

Our background investigations are well suited for:

  • Hiring new employees
  • Managing rental properties
  • Conducting business with other companies
  • Investing in a corporate venture
  • Attempting to collect a debt
  • Qualifying a potential tenant
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The information you need isn’t going to present itself

It’s highly unlikely your partner will confess to cheating without some prodding, or that your child’s parent will admit to neglect. Have a detailed report in your hands quickly with services from Proven Investigations.

In addition to background checks, we also conduct infidelity, maritime, corporate and child custody investigations. Call our Pensacola Beach or Fort Lauderdale office to get started.