When Forsaking All Others Isn’t Part of Your Loved One’s Plan

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Standing next to your future partner in front of friends and family, you both promised to love, honor and cherish each other – and to be faithful. Unfortunately, those vows are often broken. If your partner is being secretive and staying out late, contact Proven Investigations to find out for certain if they’re cheating. For over 20 years, our PI’s have conducted decisive infidelity investigations for residents of all areas of Florida.

We understand each infidelity case is unique, and use everything in our arsenal to uncover the truth. Proven Investigations has the surveillance equipment needed to find out what’s happening behind your back. Once our investigation is complete, we’ll provide you with a detailed report and video evidence. Call our specialists about your partner’s suspected infidelity right now. Call our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-629-6595, or our Pensacola Beach office 850-528-6121 now to schedule a consultation.

Do you know the signs of a cheating spouse?

Do you know the signs of a cheating spouse?

Lipstick stains on a collar and sneaking around aren’t the only signs to look for. If you notice any of the following, call us immediately to arrange for an infidelity investigation:

  • Your partner isn’t as intimate with you as they once were
  • Your partner is possessive over their phone/changes the password
  • Your partner changes their diet or weight loss routine without consulting you
  • Your partner starts grooming and dressing differently
  • Your partner accuses you of having an affair
  • Your partner stays out late and can’t be reached
  • Your partner calls frequently to find out where you are
  • You start finding unknown numbers on their phone
  • You find items in your partner’s car that never make it into the house