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Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? Do you think your child isn’t receiving proper care? Do you worry about the actions of an employee? Proven Investigations, LLC offers an array of surveillance services to provide you with the information you’re searching for. We have an array of experience, including:

  • Cheating spouse investigations
  • Child surveillance
  • Corporate surveillance

There’s no need to wonder and worry. Our private investigators take the time to find out the facts you need to know. Call 954-629-6595 today to schedule a free consultation for the surveillance services you need in the Pensacola Beach or Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

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Surveillance is the process of observing a person, place or object to document any interactions or locations. You can use surveillance to determine a variety of information, such as:

  • The source of theft
  • The location of an individual
  • The fidelity of an individual
  • The truth behind a worker’s compensation case
  • The location of a missing person

Having a third party provide surveillance services ensures your own personal safety. Contact Proven Investigations, LLC to get the information you need to know.