Family Investigations


Trying to figure out if your loved one is cheating can keep you up at night. Lipstick stains on a collar and sneaking around aren’t the only signs to look for. Look for these telltale signs before calling our office for our family investigations:

  • Your partner isn’t as physically intimate with you as they once were
  • Your partner is suddenly more possessive over their phone / changes their password
  • Your partner changes their diet or weight loss routine without consulting you
  • Your partner starts grooming and dressing differently
  • Your partner accuses you of cheating
  • Your partner calls frequently to find out where you are
  • You find items that aren’t yours, or theirs, in their car
  • Your partner stays out later and can’t be reached when they’re gone

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, don’t jump to conclusions. Find out for sure with an infidelity investigation from Proven Investigations. Call our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-629-6595, or our Pensacola office 850-528-6121 now to schedule a consultation.